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Each couple were given the gallery keys, a bed, as well as a video camera. Since 1988 Ury has produced video, performance (including improvised poetry with musicians) and lectures for universities, exhibitions, conferences and festivals.Customers are wanting to pay to entertainment with their credit cards.High Risk Solutions (HRS) has worked with a lot of adult video sites in order for them to be able to process payments online.All things considered, the fee amount for credit card transactions will be easily covered by the sheer volume of payments you can receive.High Risk Solutions is passionate about your long-term return on investment.AVANT-GARDE DATING is a project by Wooloo, an artists-run organization based in Berlin, Germany.

It makes sense that this industry is lucrative because of the instant gratification factor.

From April to August 2007, AVANT-GARDE DATING has been receiving applications from individuals around the world wanting to be matched in new and innovative couples.

ALL of these applicants have now receive a match from the Dating Board - consisting of curators and artists Tanja Ostojic, Raul Zamudio and Karen D. Out of everyone matched, three outstanding "couples" have additionally been invited for a 1-week exhibition at New Life Shop in Berlin to further explore the concept of human partnering.

is selecting individuals to be matched in carefully chosen couples.

The most innovative applicants among these couples will receive an exhibition in Berlin, Germany during the Art Forum (Sep-Oct) 2007.

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