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The guy obviously doesn't like being typecasted as he mentioned in some of his interviews which is also why he keeps rejecting roles (*cries*). It also literally made me run out of tears while watching it. Known as the most expensive drama ever produced back in 2008 with Jerry, Show Luo, and Wu Chun (of course it would be expensive! Jerry Yan as Dong Fang Xiang seemed like just a typical rich introverted lead with many issues which is why his portrayal here isn't one of my favorites.Since I mentioned before that I'm attracted to anyone in the medical field, another type that I like is someone who's into sports.He played a pirate named Scarface, who is in love with a courtesan but of course, they couldn't be together because of various circumstances.His fighting and acting skills here as a pirate are definitely commendable.I still have to praise him for loving this project so much that he was willing to lower his talent fee just to take part in this drama. If you also want to see Jerry's short hair and portraying a role right for his age, then go watch this!It also helped that I was fine with his leading lady here, Yedda Chen, although I was personally rooting for her character to end up with the second male lead (which won't happen, of course). Nothing melts my heart more than seeing such a beautiful man taking care of a child.Even if this seemed to be a serious drama, Jerry made it lighter because of his famous facial expressions (I just love them!), and also because of Terri's character's sunny personality here. Even if I'm not a fan of Ella, I enjoyed this drama so much.

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) and I can still clearly remember that I was in love Vic Zhou's Hua Ze Lei, but this article is not obviously about him.Being a pre-med student can only guarantee that I'd have an affinity for anyone working in the same field as I'm planning to.This is why I fangirled so hard when I found out that he actually has a medical drama and with him as a surgeon (*squeals*). Su Yi Hwa is probably one of my favorites and not only because of what I just mentioned but his role as a gentle and loving surgeon is such a far cry from his previous roles. He was annoying at times in this drama because he acted like a martyr way too much, and I often wondered would any person do the things that he has done in real life? This drama has 39 episodes and there were times when it took a long time (or maybe I was just being impatient) before his character would appear again but it was all worth the wait because of how he can make your heart skip a beat every time.) that I was actually begging for more episodes with them together.And did I mention that they have a choreographed victory dance in this drama which is just the cutest thing ever? I was such a jealous fangirl watching this drama because it was said that Jerry dated his co-star here, Terri Kwan, which made me despise her even though I hadn't even started watching the drama yet (LOL). Although I was imagining someone like Ady An to play her character, which is really just an unbiased opinion of mine, since my ultimate dream drama couple is Ady and Jerry (drama gods, please make it happen!! Jerry played as a famous pianist whose life was shattered into pieces when he got into an accident by saving Terri Kwan's character.

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