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Since this is something that will be done everyday, it would be good for the previous data that was searched to be erased.That way if I want to search for entries made into the spreadsheet on "2/8/2016" I will only see that data and no other days.If it is not equal to then it copies the input data and concatenate to Consolidated Worksheet. Sub Consolidate_Data_From_Different_Sheets_Into_Single_Sheet() 'Procedure to Consolidate all sheets in a workbook On Error Go To If Error '1. Add a new Work Sheet and name as 'Consolidate_Data' With Active Workbook Set Dst Sht = . Just let me know if I need to be more specific in any area; I'm trying my hardest to convey my thoughts to you as clearly as possible.

The code offered below assumes that the Summary sheet is the 9th sheet in the workbook and that you are copying data from Sheets 1-8. I live in New Orleans, so we're off today for Mardi Gras, but I will try this tomorrow and post a reply to let you know if I run into any issues. If you ever find yourself down here, I owe you a beer!

The code offered below assumes that the Summary sheet is the 9th sheet in the workbook and that you are copying data from Sheets 1-8. If you have attempted to write the code but it is not working, please click on the following line and read the instructions on how to post VBA code in this forum so that we can see what you have so far. No problem, but I have a couple of questions first.

BTW...since you said that your are "having trouble in VBA" you might want to review this tutorial. Address First you say you are: "having trouble in VBA getting this button to pull ALL entries from the date specified in c7..."Then you say you: "have no code attached to the command button at the moment."I'm confused. Please keep in mind that even though you said "I created with 8 different worksheets that all have the same format", we can't see your workbook from where we are sitting and therefore have no idea what that "format" looks like. Once Sheet1 has been exhausted, move on to Sheet2 and do it all again. However, if the the sheet is laid out such the date could be anywhere or if multiple rows need to be copied for each date then things get more complicated.

To consolidate all worksheets in the workbook, we have to first create a new worksheet(lets call master sheet) and then loop through each worksheet in the workbook. Range("A1:" & En Range) '5.3: Check whether there are enough rows in the 'Consolidate_Data' Worksheet If Dst Row Src Rng. ‘fn_Last Row’ will accept a worksheet(Sht) as input and give the last row as output.

We have to find the valid data range in each worksheet and append to the newly created master sheet at the end of the row. Name Then '5.1: Find the last row on the 'Consolidate_Data' sheet Dst Row = fn_Last Row(Dst Sht) 1 '5.2: Find Input data range Lst Row = fn_Last Row(Sht) Lst Col = fn_Last Column(Sht) En Range = Sht. 'In this example we are finding the last Row of specified Sheet Function fn_Last Row(By Val Sht As Worksheet) Dim last Row As Long last Row = Sht.

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