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After you have gathered up your list of friends, you are going to want to text or email them all with the Birthday Letter Surprise Letterhead link that you can find below, along with a brief explanation with what this is ALL about!! On (his/her) birthday, I would LOVE to give (him/her) _____ letters… (He/she) turns ____ on and I need to move fast to make sure this surprise is 100% ready before then.

The fabulous Diva Tara did this idea for her hubby last year and was kind enough to share what she sent to all of her hubby’s friends and family so that you can just copy and paste it into your email, attach the file, and you’ll be good to go! Please let me know if you would like to and are able to write a letter by ______ .

After it is all put together, you will have the perfect gift for your spouse’s birthday this year!!

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They will get to open up as many letters as they are old and read through all of the favorite memories, kind words, and sweet thoughts about them! To help celebrate, I’m reaching out to ____ of (his/her) FAV family members and friends to help me with a surprise.

In theory, boyfriend birthday messages should be romantic. If not, pick boyfriend birthday wishes that are light on romance.

Of course, in reality, they can be romantic and inspirational, funny, clever, whatever you want, as long as the "romantic" quotient is high. So what's the perfect route for you and your boyfriend? Read more ► The perfect birthday wish for your boyfriend will make him act like a modern-day Romeo or, at the very least, give his inner Casanova new life, making you his Juliet (minus the sad ending).

Your sweetie is another year older, but you are stuck.

100% at a loss, on what in the world to do for them?

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