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In our examples we have avoided this by appending “Page” to each model name.Each Wagtail page type is a Django model, represented in the database as a separate table. For example, a news article may have body text and a published date, whereas an event page may need separate fields for venue and start/finish times. Most field classes provided by third party apps should work as well.This page lists the templates for product information for use by applicants and marketing-authorisation holders for human medicines.The European Medicines Agency's Working Group on Quality Review of Documents (QRD) develops, reviews and updates these templates.The translations of these annexes must be in line and consistent with the adopted English product information annexes of the product concerned.To generate its HTML output, Pelican uses the Jinja templating engine due to its flexibility and straightforward syntax.However, because pages and collections don’t have time or categories, these aspects of the permalink style are ignored with pages and collections.

A request for the inclusion of Quick Response (QR) codes can be made in the context of an evaluation procedure (as part of the initial marketing-authorisation application or after the medicine is authorised via Article 61(3) with the rapporteur’s involvement or other procedure affecting annexes) by submitting the QR code request/declaration form along with all relevant information within module 1.3.1 of the dossier.

When using these types of permalinks, output files written to disk will still have the proper file extension (typically ), so the web server must be able to map requests without file extensions to these files.

Both Git Hub Pages and the Jekyll’s built-in WEBrick server handle these requests properly without any additional work.

You construct permalinks by creating a template URL where dynamic elements are represented by colon-prefixed keywords. Each of the colon-prefixed keywords is a template variable.

You can configure your site’s permalinks through the Configuration file or in the Front Matter for each post, page, or collection.

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