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(See for example, the difference between the Ace Attorney series, which is very close to a Visual Novel style of gameplay, and the DOA Xtreme series, which is the closest thing to a true Dating Sim with mass-market appeal in the US.) If the game plays out like a Choose Your Own Adventure, that's a Visual Novel.If it feels like you're playing an RPG, trying to keep track of everyone's feelings about you and giving out presents, that's a Dating Sim.The fine-featured, pastel-coifed group explains that they are pieces of sushi come to life in order to lend her a hand while her dad is away.Currently, the free-to-download game features four of the six sushi boys.Since most sushi is served raw, the flavor can vary wildly depending on the freshness of the fish and even the season in which you eat it.Granted, most of what’s available in Japan is reasonably tasty, but when all the factors line up just right, the mix of surprise, joy, and satisfaction that come from popping a really good piece of sushi into your mouth can be a borderline emotional experience, almost like falling in love.

Perhaps they were too slow paced, pandering, or lacking in action. It starred the only human girl at an all boys school that just so happens to also be an academy devoted entirely to pigeons.One night after her father departs, the daughter wakes to the sound of a mysterious voice.Stepping into the kitchen, she comes across a half-dozen young men she’s never met, yet who seem oddly familiar. Since this is a dating sim and not a survival horror game, their encounter is much more benign than what young girls can usually expect when six uninvited strangers appear in their home in the middle of the night.Fall in love with a guy of your dreams and create lasting relationships.Practice your dating pick-up lines and conversation skills, the essential elements of a successful date.

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