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actress - who has previously dated Joe Jonas and Chace Crawford - admits she struggles to find a relationship because of the nature of the industry.She said: "Dating is a hard, hard thing when you have this job.Separate, these flaws could be overlooked, but united in romance I cannot see how any two stars could overcome that unlikeability factor.

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Rumours ran rife that the actress had already moved on from Jonas after being seen with Kings Of Leon bassist Jared Followill last week.Ryan Philippe alone should be enough for him to have earned our affection for a lifetime.But I just have trouble believing that Sebastian Valmont is really that far from Ryan’s real personality. As for Ashley, she’s the living embodiment of all the annoying parts of the franchise.I don't kiss on the first date, so I'll take a girl out to dinners, and we'll go bowling, and I make sure to charm them before I do it.""It's just really important to find someone who has the same morals or values and goals and interests in life. I was like, 'I'm not taking you out for your birthday until you bring Marlo over to see Kevin because they haven't seen each other yet! They don't have to be exactly the same, I mean, opposites attract also, but it's nice to have someone who's actively growing.""Ashley went to Germany to do a movie, and she's the worst with responding to texts.

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