Messianic dating

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This may be the case, but Christians of the period were in a bitter struggle against paganism and generally shunned such associations.

In any case, some practitioners of Messianic Judaism tend to gravitate away from the December 25 Christmas date because of its negative associations within the Jewish community and because of presumed associations with paganism.

To replace the Christmas celebration, some believers within Messianic Judaism celebrate the birth of the Messiah during Sukkot (the Feast of Tabernacles), but without any real justification other than theological convenience.

One often hears spurious claims that try to prove the Sukkot date based upon the time when Zechariah’s course of the priesthood served in the Temple.

Other Sukkot-theory proponents claim, “Yeshua was born in a sukkah because the word ‘stable’ is in Hebrew.” These arguments are not at all convincing and fall apart under scrutiny.

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