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S.-based tour companies or tour operators, whereas other offenders plan their travel independently.

Information on procuring children in foreign destinations is readily available in pedophile newsgroups and forums on the Internet.

It was under this umbrella that programs such as the Innocence Lost National Initiative and Child Abduction Rapid Deployment Teams were implemented to provide additional resources and response tools to combat the ever-present problems of child prostitution, child abduction, and child sex tourism.

In October 2012, the Crimes Against Children program and the Innocent Images National Initiative merged to form the Violent Crimes Against Children program in the Criminal Investigative Division.

The purpose of these operations are to coordinate with foreign law enforcement to gather evidence against U. Complaints received by the NCMEC that indicate a violation of federal law are referred to the FBI for appropriate action.

An FBI supervisory special agent and several analysts are assigned full-time at the NCMEC to assist with these complaints.

An estimated 25 percent of child sex tourists in the above Southeast Asian countries are U. citizens, whereas an estimated 80 percent of CST offenders in Latin American countries are U. Based on the success of these operations, the CST initiative has expanded into selected countries in Latin America. The VCAC program coordinates all efforts with FBI legal attachés in these countries to provide training, equipment, and logistical support to these joint operations.Child sexual exploitation investigations—many of them undercover—are conducted in FBI field offices by Child Exploitation Task Forces (CETFs), which combine the resources of the FBI with those of other federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies.Each of the FBI’s 56 field offices has worked investigations developed by the VCAC program, and several of our legal attaché offices have coordinated with appropriate foreign law enforcement partners on international investigations Many of these investigations are also worked in coordination with Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Forces, which are funded by the Department of Justice.The analysts review and analyze information received by the NCMEC’s Cyber Tipline.The analysts conduct research and analysis in order to identify individuals suspected of any of the following: possession, manufacture and/or distribution of child pornography; online enticement of children for sexual acts; child sexual tourism; and/or other sexual exploitation of children.

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