Online dirty chat cam room haha

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She: that will not be counted She: i am at work She: he must be at work too Me: So, you are chatting while at work? Me: no, just confirming She: yes Me: you must be having a room for yourself at work? She: i am still in office She: if you remember Me: I do Me: It's just a question She: How tall are you? Me: Something like what we are already having She: i am glad Me: so am I She: your turn Me: where is the hubby?

If you could understand Arabic, you would probably call Him Allah...." "I am and always will be a Muslim.

I can't stop talking once i am on She: god, you are just too dirty Jack Me: i know She: you told me you like rough sex.

so, you make them call you daddy, you call them by dirty names, and you fuck them rough She: is there something more?

She: still not answered Me: I find them submissive enough to my taste She: why do you need submission? after five minutes She: bye Me: bye Phone ----- So I called up...

Me: you only asked me She: hell yes She: we will have to talk later She: find me She: i will be online at 10 Me: ok She: bye Me: bye Chat 2 ------ Me: Hello Jay She: hi jack Me: what's happening? She: yes at work Me: I understand She: why do you like older women? She: trying to figure out who you are She: are you writing the perfect things She: or is this you Me: stop judging Me: this is me Me: this is one place I don't need to lie She: lol She: i have never done this She: call me at ...

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