Rover admits to dating duji

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Snitzer had a seizure in Nashville and went to the hospital.

Caller on London Subway thought she was in the middle of a terrorist attack.

Megyn Kelly caused a stir for her treatment of a gay man.

The show is broadcasting from a very famous Hollywood set.

Jeffrey didn't get his wife anything for her birthday. Youth hockey coach fired after profanity laced pregame rant. Model, 27, faces backlash for appearing to hit on 14-year-old Stranger Things star. Rover woke up in the middle of the night to order the new i Phone. Listener’s boss is having an affair and asks for advice. Eminem lashes out at Trump with freestyle rap video. Detroit firefighter fired for bringing watermelon to station. Radio host Delilah announces leave of absence after son's suicide. Did Jeffrey forget to sign a field trip permission slip?

Dieter discovered Jeffrey making weird noises in the middle of the night.

Jeffrey and Dieter were at a diner in California where an employee set up a hidden camera in the bathroom.

Duji went wedding dress shopping with Jeffrey's wife. Strongsville police investigate stabbing death of middle school teacher.

Charlie’s dad calls in and talks about his time in jail.

Charlie has a massive hemorrhoid and can barely walk.

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