Validating url in java

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The main disadvantage of JAXP is that it runs more slowly than vendor-specific APIs.

In addition, several features are available through Oracle-specific APIs that are not available through JAXP APIs.

Oracle XML parsing reads an XML document and uses DOM or SAX APIs to provide programmatic access to its content and structure.

You can use parsing in validating or nonvalidating mode.

I am using jdo and configuring the persistence manager with However everywhere I find documentation about it states that should be used for validation.

This url points to a nonexistent file and my xml validator reports an error. Even after I remove one of them, Eclipse still reports an error. Can we include the jdoconfig_3_0in the META_INF and get done with it, although I have no idea where we can get it from?

Also, next time, you might want to include the programming language or context, because regex processors vary greatly in feature support.

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DOM configurations can be made to suit different applications.

Regards, Abhishek when we are u using that time it working fine but that is not only web site ulr format for example ( .com, , , in ) like this lot of format is there .please post answer like all url validation supported ..

I have applied this in one of my projects and its working there. ([a-z A-Z0-9] (\.[a-z A-Z0-9] ) .*)$ Let me know if you face any problem.

You can access the JAXP specification, which is produced by Sun Microsystems, at the following URL: DOM Stream access to XML nodes is done by PL/SQL and Java APIs.

Nodes in an XML document can now exceed 64 KBytes by a large amount.

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