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He scrolls back through the string, stopping at interesting moments.

In one note, the husband—who, like his wife, is white—dismisses the idea there's anything racial in what he's proposing: he'd written to the couple, broaching the topic in a light comic tone that makes clear he's willing to drop the idea of my tagging along at a moment's notice.

So do you all think we should break up for the next 8 months? Stay together and just tell each other we’ll be honest if we find somebody else?

”“I think that you could certainly give it a chance with your beau. If you both have Saturday nights free, for example, set aside a weekly Skype session time.

“Gosh,” Dave says, “this guy really wants to see his girl get fucked.”He turns back to the thread of messages from the Christian couple.

Let’s see what y’all had to say: just1becca asked: “I have been dating my current college boyfriend for under 2 months, and soon I will be separated from him for up to 8 months.I think they definitely can be successful and sometimes LDRs are easier than regular ones. Post your own thoughts and questions in our boards and start chatting with other girls.About two years ago, I started dating a friend of mine during the summer. We actually saw each other a lot for being so far apart. I think if we really wanted to stay together we would have. What is the meanest thing a guy has ever said to you? The last thing Dave wants is to have a reporter mess up the fun.Dave figures he's slept with more than 300 women in the past ten years, all but maybe five or six of them white, usually with their husbands watching. Without the infinite multicast that connects him to the growing population of like-minded libertines, he'd probably be sleeping with nurses and meeting women in bars or maybe even settled down into an ordinary “vanilla” relationship. He married his college girlfriend, but that ended in divorce a few years later.

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